Dry Hand Reviva Glove
Dry Hand Reviva Glove
Dry Hand Reviva Glove
Dry Hand Reviva Glove
Dry Hand Reviva Glove

Dry Hand Reviva Glove

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100% brand new and high quality!

Contains a variety of plant extracts, nourish the water, nourish the nails, to help improve the hand dry,

so that the skin smooth and delicate skin, delicate soft.

Suitable for: hand skin brown, dry, rough skin, easy winter frostbite, and thick cuticle hand,

does not absorb nutrients hands, dead skin, calluses, cracked, yellowish, fine lines, aging.



Product name: Milk Hand Mask

Functions: Moisturizing, Nourshing, Hydrating,

NET WT: 35g/pair

Size: Full Size

Quantity: 2pcs



Step 1. The clean hands, remove the product, cut with scissors hand film sets seal.

Step 2. Set of the film started to make hand-light laminated fabric cloth hand in close contact with the membrane Essence. (Can be put on the general gloves, cloth is more close to the skin so that the film can be freely active work).

Step 3. About 20-40 minutes, after the film peel off the hands, rub your hands for three minutes immediately visible whitening hands.

Step 4. One hand to restore the natural white, smooth and soft as a baby-like.


Warm Reminder:

1.The mask is disposable, please don’t  reuse.

2.Once the liquid go into eyes accidentally, please wash immediately with clean water.

3.People with skin trauma is not recommend to use the mask.

4.People with sensitive skin should do a small-area test on the back of hand or ear before usage.

5.Advice for the first time user: Please use this mask 2-3 times a week. 

6.Advice for Storage: Store the mask in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.  


1 Pair/2Pcs Milk Hand Mask