Silicone Hair Curler
Silicone Hair Curler
Silicone Hair Curler
Silicone Hair Curler

Silicone Hair Curler

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Material: resin
Color: blue
Large: 5.0cm outside diameter, 2.0cm inside diameter S: outside diameter 3.9cm, inside diameter 1.5cm
Package Contents:
5 x Large Hair Curler
5 x Small curler

1.Easy To Use--All hair type wet or dry can be nice curly, loose and body wave hair without any electric hair and perm plaster damage-drop hair damage degree to 0%.only with simple steps can have nice hair curl wave -roll your hair to roller top hair folded only after all hair clip without all hair clip after all all finished clothes net cap promote crimp hair effect doubly.
2.Soft Sleep Hair Rollers--made in high elastic safety silicone-super light and soft special for having rest for sleep.most of person like use both of them at same time.some long hair only use for lower half's perfect After rolling hair sleep with soft pillow.when wake up your curly or body hair wave will be done.
3.Many Kinds Of Hair Curly Wave--big body, loose wave with big rollers otherwise or hair hair please with small rollers.different direction of starting roll hair in or out make different anti warped hair wave.body wave-make hair perpendicular to Roller.roll hair in roller move the roller same time until to hair top.loose wave-roll hair end to roller keep hair and roller to be 45 angle of inclination.pinch roller by hand and other hand put rest of hair round the roller until To hair top.
4.Easy To Take And Keep--light weight hair rollers set with the transparent zipper bag very suitable for travel or holiday.easy clean and store. one morning one beauty natural curly hair wave to be magic fairy for your lover soon!