Super Glue
Super Glue
Super Glue
Super Glue
Super Glue
Super Glue

Super Glue

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Glue Description:

Special and amazing design. Convenient to use without separately the need of open and cover. 

Waterproof and anti-vibration Glue used in too many materials: 

metal,glass,ceramics, stone, bamboo,wood,leather,PE.PP.PVC,ABS,nylon,rubber,film,fabric.

electronics components, plastics, paper and other materials.

How to Use:

1,Please read the introduction carefully before using

2,Please do small use area test before using in a large area.

3,The best temperature when using is 18-32 degrees.

4,Please make sure the sticking materials surface clean and dry

5,Please cover the glue timely after opening the cover and use

6,Wait for 1-2 minutes and then press with a little pressure

7,Can achieve the best bonding result in 48 hours

8,The glue do not need a bottle cap to prevent glue overflow and please take it well after using


1,Possible stimulation to skin and eye.

2,Please use it in a well ventilated environment.

3,Keep away from Children.

4,Two years of warranty.

5,In case of contact with eyes, please rinse with plenty water.