46Pcs Handmade Leather Tool Set
46Pcs Handmade Leather Tool Set
46Pcs Handmade Leather Tool Set
46Pcs Handmade Leather Tool Set
46Pcs Handmade Leather Tool Set

46Pcs Handmade Leather Tool Set

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1.Practical and rich leather tool kit - Leather tool 46 pieces set, including wax thread, leather finger sleeve, yarn cut, wool ball, sanding strip, copper ring, hand stitch, thimble, groover, Double gourd thousand-pass, high-grade black plastic sliding cloth, original base, non-slip white garden punch, punching and punching tools, snap and rivet kits. The leather repair kit can meet the basic needs of sewing different leather, canvas, fabric, denim, tarpaulin, paper or other items.
2.Perfect Gift - This is the perfect gift for parents, family, friends, especially DIY hand stitching enthusiasts.
3.Durable: The whole set of this leather sewing tools is made from steel and wood, which definitely is not easy to break and lasts for a long period of time. Different types of awls can be used as holes, stitches removal and threading etc.
4.PRACTICAL DIGGING TOOL: The stitching groover is mainly used for digging grooves on the border of special leathers, thus, sewing the thread into the groove will protect the wax thread from abrasion. Besides having the same function as groover, the pressure cloth teeth can also be served as points of equal interval.
5.VARIOUS COLORS OF WAXED THREADS: It comes with five different colors of waxed threads. They are respectively are black, dark brown, dark gray, coffee and light khaki, totally five colors for you to choose from, in order to go with different kinds of leathers and clothes.

Package Includes:

5 x Wax threads
2 x Finger sleeves
1 x Yarn scissors
1 x Wool ball
1 x Sanding strip
5 x Hand stitch needles
2 x Thimbles
1 x Copper ring
1 x Black plastic handle cutter wheel
1 x Heavy-duty cutter wheel
4 x Sewing awl
1 x Groover
2 x Electroplated bars
1 x White round punch
1 x White round base
18 x Snap buttons