Cordless Lawn Trimmer
Cordless Lawn Trimmer

Cordless Lawn Trimmer

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the Portable Trimmer That Does It All!

It is a tool that will get rid of weeds and other debris on your lawn and around your house. Unlike most similar tools, it's compact, and when you use the extension pole, it fit into the palm of your hand. However, you will be able to quickly attach the extension pole, if necessary, to reach certain places. This device does not require electricity or gas to run, and can be performed from place to place in a large bag, thereby freeing up your hands.


all RPM power from a traditional trimmer in the palm of your hand

Use any standard size zip ties, or cut them down for more precision work

lightweight extension pole allows you to trim all hard-to-reach places

add the protective debris shield for extra safety

package Includes

Trim, Lightweight Extension Pole, Protective Debris Shield, 24 Custom Zip Ties


Battery:6-cell 5th battery(not include)