Electric Eyelash Curler
Electric Eyelash Curler
Electric Eyelash Curler

Electric Eyelash Curler

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Name: Electric Eyelash Curler
Item Type: Eyes Beauty Tools
Color: Green, red, blue, purple ect.(Random)
Length: About 12.5cm/ 4.93 inch
Width: About 3.3cm/ 1.3 inch

1.Lasting effect: Heating clip is just about 30 seconds, The degree of roll warped can last 1days.
2.Safe and reliable: It does not hurt eyelash.
3.Easy to use: Just proccessing two batteries, heating eyelash curler double pad curling is ok

1. open the battery compartment, put two on the 7th battery.
2. The switch on "ON", the display lights, you can use the pink silicone temperature sensing mat white, about 15 seconds.
3. With the sliding plate clamped 2-3 seconds eyelashes, eyelashes can be rolled up.
4. Turn off the switch, once the operation is completed.

1.This product does not include battery.
2.If the silica gel is broken, please do not reuse the product.
3.When you wear contact lenses, do not use this product.
4.Please take out the battery when you didn't use it for a long time.
5.Non-professionals do not remove the product.
6.Please put the product on the place where the children cannot reach.
7.Please do not wash it with water.

Package: Electric Eyelash Curler *1