Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine
Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine
Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine
Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine
Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine
Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine

Lifting Rejuvenation Facial Machine

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Ice sence effect

1.Help skin firmness.maintain flexibility,prevent allergies and other problems;

2.Shrink pores.lock moisture aand reduce wrinkles;

3.Can soothe sore muscle, relieve skin fatigue,soothe the skin sence of tention, reduce shin redness,pain ,resistance to repeated groeth of acne. 


1. Acoustic vibrations beauty principle

Each person's face has at least three million pores ,while cleaning liquid and hands only clean skin surface,it is difficult to remove the oil porea, only clean out the pores of the oil residue, can the skin recover from the deep clean .Lessons learned 46 years sepecializes in the skin care erperience,the whole the development process guided byskin sepecialistis, combined with our advantage engineers to sonic micro-vibaration and techonologe ,fitting face of intelligence design , no dead comprehendive clean your skin.8200 times per minutes,hight-frequency vibaration ,vibrate out of deep pores oil and deep clean every pore.Pore lightewieght tansparent ,dedicate skin smooth ,once again change the skin more cleanliness .

2. Hot cold beauty priciple

A japan professor at the university shows that when skin reach 42 degree temperature helps to pruduce HSP proteins,repair skin cells and stengthen the skin elasticity , and prevent the formation of wrinkkles. the ice hot beuuty bar,hot 42 degree nurcising can help expand the pore, make the deep cleaning convenient.While frozen nursing cn instantly receive fine skin pores,lock the moisture of the skin,let you continue warm and frozen care.People pay attention to the beauty is very insterested in 42 degree ice hot alternate beauty.This the 42 degree  ice hot beauty bar,the temperature range 6 to 42 degree .The feeling of the warm processing and ice processing can continue.Beauty muscle magic to make the skin become smooth and full of elasticity.6 degree to 42 degree ice hot alternate restore skin fimrmness and elasticity.Ice hot alternate care muscle can promote skin for rapid expansion and constraction movement,the beauty of this mild muscle movement, help to stimulate the skin; blood circulation,speed up the metabolism of skin;In addition to effective repel black rim of the eye and simple eye wrinkles.More greatly increase skin transparency, even without makeup.the skin also has crystal shine.By acoustic vibration to promote compact soothing effect. 

Warm Effect

1.Warming, make people feel warm and comfortable, help to relax muscle,relieve pain;

2.Stimulate thebllod circulation the pore open ,can help theskin to quilly import all skin care products absorb double skin. make the skin more elastic and moist;

3.Putting a sponge to deep cleaning, better able to export the face toxins,blackheads,dirt 



Input:DC 5V


Vibration:8200 (+10rpm)

Charging time: 5-6 hours

Charge power:2.5W

Battery capacity:1000mAh

Power:MAX 10.5 W

Standy time:45 days


Use time:3 minute/time



Package Include:          

1 x Device

1 x USB Cable

1 x English Manual