Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner
Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner
Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner
Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner

Quick Foaming Toilet Cleaner

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Toilet Bubble Bomb Cleaner is a cleaning package with 4 tablets for removing hard-to-clean rusts & stains accumulated in the toilet bowl.

It chemically transform to blue cleaning bubbles with STRONG dissolving power! You can simply drop the tablet to toilet bowl before going bed and get a brand new, clean & bacteria-free toilet bowl in the next morning!

Dissolves stubborn rust, calcium and lime stains even below the waterline

  • Destroys toilet bowl rings
  • Eliminates odor
  • Deodorizes with fresh scent
  • Disinfects & kills 99.9% of viruses& bacteria
  • Easy to use in tablet form: Just throw it to transform into bubbles for deep cleaning 
  • Safe to use with all toilets, internal toilet components, plumbing and septic systems
  • Also workable for sinks
  • Dosage: 1 or more capsules at a time


1.Place 1 or more tablets (according to your toilet condition) inside toilet bowl
2.Let it soak in toilet water for 2 hours or more until complete dissolving of dirt


1. This product is a clean toilet product, please use it for the specified purpose.

2. Please avoid direct contact with the skin. Wear gloves when using.

3. Please store it in a place where the child can't get it. If you accidentally eat it, please seek medical attention immediately.

4. Please use immediately after opening, store in a cool place, avoid direct sunlight.

5, this product is not edible, such as accidentally eating a lot of drinking water or vomiting.

6. Dip into the skin or get into the eyes and rinse with plenty of water.

7. Do not combine with acidic, chloric acid or oxygen acid lotion.

Package Included:

  • A:4PC Toilet Cleaner